How to choose a service for the repair of mobile devices and computers in Riga?

It is important to choose a reliable and quality service in order to repair your device. The company must have:

  1. Free diagnostics and home visit of the master;
  2. Availability of professional equipment, experienced specialists;
  3. Modern tools;
  4. Providing a long-term guarantee for all services, including spare parts;
  5. Original spare parts and high-quality analogues of AAA + class;
  6. Convenient schedule and good reviews;

This is the minimum you should be guided by so that you don't have to pay twice. Apple phone repair service iRepair meets all these requirements. We save money and time, which makes contacting us the right choice.

We carry out urgent iPhone repairs onsite! Repair of iPhones with the departure of the master, within Riga - free. We use original spare parts or analogues of the AAA + class.

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